2018 Market Season!

Join us at the 3rd annual Gold Bar Farmer's Market! Market days begin June 2nd and continues every other Saturday through October 6th. We are open from 11am-4pm. To stay up to date on our market and events, check out our facebook page and Instagram page! We are welcoming new vendors this year, applications can be filled out then submitted thru our website linked above. We have a variety of homegrown, fresh picked and hand made items. Market runs until the 1st weekend of October where we say goodbye to the wonderful bounty of summer with a harvest festival.


To our wonderful valley;
We regret to inform you all that we will be shutting the doors on our market for 2019.

Three years ago, an idea to bring some joy into our community started with just four vendors at the gazebo. I’m not sure any of us expected it to grow that year, quite as well as it did and it felt like the possibilities were endless.
Unfortunately, between the politics we’ve battled, the declining vendor and customer count, our demographic and lack of farmers capable of gambling a days salary on such a small market, it has become increasingly difficult to maintain, let alone GROW this little baby of ours. This last year was a challenge for us in many ways (on top of working full time jobs) and even with the best intentions, sometimes things don’t always go according to plan.

Despite the sadness (and pain to our pride), we are determined to focus on the good that came of this market. Music, dancing, children running around, vendors becoming friends and family, familiar faces determined to patron these businesses every single week. Community coming out just to say hello, even when they could not buy a single thing. Residents of our valley, taking a chance on their hobby and turning it into a business, JUST to be a part of our tribe. We have met people who will be lifelong friends through this experience and that alone, makes it all worth it.

The market may be done but this community still remains. There is good in our town, there is beauty and love and there is POSSIBILITY. Hold on to that.

Thank you to everyone who gave this thing a shot. We know it wasn’t a Seattle farmers market, where people skipped around with bags full of groceries and exotic herbs- but you made us feel like we were. It means a lot.


The Board of Members

ps. If there is any point that someone else in the community would like to give this another try down the line or create another market of sorts, we would love to share all the information we have learned over the years and help you with any questions.

Thank you to the 2018 Sponsors 

Sky Valley Chamber of Commerce

Ben Franklin Craft & Frame Shop Monroe

The City of Gold Bar

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