2017 GBFM Application

Gold Bar Farmers Market Application 2017 (Please Print and Sign)

Completed Applications and Vendors fees need to be turned into Felix by text/call 503-409-7672 or Josh 503-991-8022 to arrange to drop off application.

Gold Bar Farmer’s Market Rules and Application

Gold Bar Farmers Market aims to create a local food infrastructure for long-term sustainability and meaningful community impact. We seek producers, programs, and partnerships that uphold environmental, social, and economic integrity. We select a diverse group of vendors for each of our markets to provide our customers with access to the highest quality fresh and local food. No spots are guaranteed and all selected vendors will be considered probationary in the first season. The criteria outline below will be strictly enforced and is subject to audit.

  • GBFM supports primary producers. We do not allow the resale of any product at our markets without prior approval.
  • Vendors selling edible or topical products must obtain general and product liability insurance.
  • Vendors must comply with all requirements set forth by Department of Health, the Washington Department of Agriculture, and/ or the USDA, and obtain any and all permits and licenses required by local and State law, including, but not limited to a business license.
  • Vendors who are found not adhering to GBFM by-laws and regulations of local and State laws are subject to review.


Products that may be sold at GBFM markets include the following:

  • Vegetables grown by the seller from seeds, seedlings, or sets. Fruits, berries, or nuts grown on trees, bushes, or vines on the seller’s farm.
  • Plants grown by the seller from seed, seedling, or transplant.
  • Eggs produced by the seller’s poultry.
  • Honey produced by the seller’s bees. Fresh baked goods and prepared food items must be made from scratch by the seller.
  • Fresh cut flowers grown on the seller’s farm. Foraging is an acceptable practice. Foraged products must be approved by the GBFM Director of Operations prior to sale.


GBFM supports sustainable farming practices.

  • We use Organic and Certified Naturally Grown standards as the baseline for selecting vendors, although we do not require vendors to be USDA
  • Certified Organic. Any pesticides, herbicides, GMO seeds or synthetic fertilizers must be disclosed at the time of the application. If accepted to vend at any GBFM, written approval from the Director of Operations must be obtained prior to goods entering the market that do not meet Organic/ CNG standard.
GBFM supports small, local, and diversified farms.
  • Reselling is not permitted without approval. We may permit you to sell a colleague’s products if the farm has undergone GBFM approval and you receive prior written approval from the Director of Operations.
  • Foraged products are acceptable, but all foraged food must be pre-approved by the Market Manager and clearly labeled as “wild” or “foraged”.


  • All foods must be prepared in a kitchen certified by Department of Agriculture, Department of Health or USDA. All products must be made by you or your staff: (ie: if you sell cookies, you must make the cookies from scratch).
  • If selling packaged food items, all vendors must have Food Sales Establishment License and Department of Agriculture approved labels.
  • All prepared food must have ingredients list on the label.


  • GBFM exists to support farmers and local food producers, however we feature regular and occasional artists.
  • Artists are strongly encouraged to use items and create products that relate to the mission of our markets.


  • Bath & Body products must be properly labeled with product name, uses and ingredients.


Booth and Displays

  • Each Vendor will be assigned a 10×10 space. (Please note that you may be limited to one space dependent on the number of applicants.)
  • Each Vendor is required to provide their own 10×10 canopy (in good condition), stakes, weights and be prepare for inclement weather.
  • All tables and displays are the responsibility of individual vendors.
  • Hours, Set Up and Break Down
  • Gold Bar Farmer’s Market Hours are 10:00 am – 3:00 pm, Early Departure or Booth Breakdown will result in Vendor not being invited to return.
  • Set up will be Saturday Mornings Starting at 8:30 am. All vehicles must be moved to the parking area by 9:30 am.
  • All vendors are required to keep their booths open until 3:00 pm. It is then recommended that you have everything packed up and broke down before you go to retrieve your vehicle.
  • If you bring your children with you for the day they are your responsibility. Gold Bar Farmers Market will not be responsible for their safety.
  • Fees and Dates of Operation and Contact Info.
    • Gold Bar Farmers Market begins on May 6th, 2017. All vendors will be required to pay in advance for their booth fees. You may choose monthly payments or a season payment. If you choose a season payment you will receive a discount. Please do not send payment until your Application has been approved. 
      • All booths are $25.00 each per market day. Paying for the full season in 2017 costs $260.00.

Indemnity Agreement

  • In consideration of the acceptance of this application, the applicant agrees to save and hold harmless all officers, employees, agents and volunteers of the Gold Bar Farmers Market Group, Gold Bar Farmers Market and the Town Of Gold Bar from any loss or damage whatsoever to persons or property arising out of participation in the Farmers Market and further agrees, to defend said personnel from claims or damage related hereto. Your application will be deemed incomplete if it is not signed. Your signature indicts that you have read, understand and agree to all rules stated within. Once your application is approved you will be contacted for payment. Initial payment must be paid prior to your first market.   Primary contact: Rosalyn Santerre                     Phone: 425-418-1484 Email: goldbarfarmersmarket@gmail.com




Gold Bar Farmer’s Market Rules and Application

Vendor Application for 2017 Market Season. This agreement is between Gold Bar Farmers Market, City of Gold Bar, Sky Valley Chamber and

Business Name:______________________________________________________________________________

Business Owner’s Name(s):_____________________________________________________________________


Telephone Numbers:__________________________________________________________________________


UBI# or SS#________________________________________________________________________

What will you be Selling?_______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

  • Did you participate in the Gold Bar Market last season? Yes / No
  • Did you read, understand, and agree to all rules set forth in this application?______(initial)
  • Vendor understands that their products must be consistent in quality and character? _____(initial)
  • Vendor understands that rental spaces may change and no particular spot is guaranteed. ______(initial)
  • Vendor understands that if approved fees must be paid in advance. ______(initial)
  • Vendor understands that all edible food must be prepared and packaged according to Health Department’s “Food Handling Guidelines” and in an approved kitchen. ______(initial)
  • All vendors must be properly licensed and is recommended to hold product insurance. _______(initial)
  • Vendors understand that Gold Bar Farmers Market assumes no responsibility for risk or acceptance of bad payments. __________(initials)

Loss, Damage or Repairs

The undersigned, it’s successors and assigns, hereby agree to save and hold harmless Gold Bar Farmers Market, City of Gold Bar, Sky Valley Chamber and its employees or volunteers from all cost, injury or damage to any person or property whatsoever, any of which is caused by an activity, condition or event arising out of the performance, preparation for performance or nonperformance of any provision of this agreement by Gold Bar Farmers Market, City of Gold Bar, Sky Valley Chamber and its representatives.

The above cost, injury, damage or other injury or damage incurred by or to any of the above shall include, in the event of an action, court costs, expenses of litigation and reasonable attorney’s fees. This save and hold harmless clause is not intended to indemnify against any cost or damage or portion thereof, caused by Gold Bar Farmers Market, City of Gold Bar, Sky Valley Chamber or its representatives.________(initial)

Vendor Signature__________________________________________________Date:___________________