May Flowers?

May 20 will be our last Market until June 3rd 2017. We are still looking for vendors and a non-profit to fill a few spots. We could use fresh eggs, food vendors and more. If you would like to get some information on setting up, please contact us at

Our Mother’s Day Market was expected to be a complete rain out, but much to our surprise, it turned out to be a nice one (with a few sprinkles). Our vendors used Mother’s Day as their focus in preparing for the Market. Fresh flowers, gift baskets toiletries, vegi starts, ferns, hand made jewelry, Vinegar, Jams, hula hoops, paper flowers, trivets, spin art, and other art items. We had two of the members of Waiting on Wendy  (Wendy and Shayne) performing an acoustic set. Our non-profit of the week was The Gold Dust Royalty, raising money for relay for life.

As this season continues, we are looking forward to having fresh produce from Mott’s, and fresh vegetables from our local farmers. There are a lot of talented people out in the Sky Valley. If you crochet, craft, play music or have an art to share, we would love to have you. Our hope is to get some food vendors out , at least one every weekend. We are still early in the season, so if you have a food truck, coffee truck, ice cream truck etc, get in contact with us. We are even planning a BBQ or Chili cooking contest!

Bring the kiddos (and grandkids) and enjoy searching for hand painted rocks. Some of our local artists , young and old, have been painting rocks for a rock hunt. You can follow sultan rocks #sultanwarocks or Snohomish County Rocks #SnoCoRocks to see clues on where they are hid. Then, you can keep the rock or rehide it!


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